Repeat Returns


For Ambitious Business Owners

Developed by a restaurant owner
who increased his own sales by $137,000 a month.



...if your marketing was smart enough to get customers spending more.

Repeat Returns was developed by a restaurant owner
who increased his own sales by $137,000 a month.

Meet one of our members…

Our sales are up
over $8,000 a week

We haven’t printed, mailed
or distributed a single flyer
since starting Repeat Returns

Rich & Nancy, Rosati’s Pizza

Meet Rich & Nancy…

They bought a pizzeria in Schererville, Indiana and needed to boost sales fast. So they signed up for Repeat Returns and started enrolling customers.

Sales began growing. Marketing costs dropped to almost nothing.

After thirty months we ran a detailed analysis on all customers – members & non-members.

…they were shocked



Members make up 29% of total customer database (blue).


They are responsible for 62% of store income.


And they account for 85% of heavy spenders.

Customer Retention Maximized

Member-Customer's retention rate grows over non-members' at an astounding rate.

Rich & Nancy's Member-Customers not only spend more they stay longer too.

That means:

  • Churn is dramatically reduced
  • Customer lifetime value soars
  • Business is resistant to competitors

Rich & Nancy's future looks very bright.

Additional Income Stream

It gets even better: Most pizzerias spend 4-6% on marketing. Rich & Nancy spend less than 1%. That means the money they save on marketing – goes straight into their pocket providing even more personal income.

  • Repeat Returns

  • Labor

  • Food

  • Net

Spend less. Make more.

Repeat Returns' data-driven, done-for-you marketing service learns each customer’s habits, buying triggers and most importantly… their spending potential.

And then, with no effort on your part whatsoever – it optimizes and deploys your marketing for you to maximize the highest wallet-share possible from each customer.

This powerhouse “done-for-you” marketing suite includes:


Steep discounts drive a single visit and attract bottom-feeders who only buy when you’re losing money. Loyalty changes the game, as customers earn rewards for spending more money with you, and only after they have. This drives continual visits and keeps customers invested in choosing you.

Loyalty Program

Email Promotions

Automated email marketing continually promotes your business with high-impact, mobile-friendly messages designed to drive a steady stream of spend-ready customers through your doors.

Campaigns Include:

  • Loyalty
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Surprise & Delight
  • Happy Hour
  • Refer a Friend
  • Weather
  • Monthly Promo
  • Lunch / Dinner
  • Catering
  • Gift Card Promo
  • Bonus Rewards
  • Menu Marketing
  • And Many More…
Email Marketing


Your customers’ channel of choice today is mobile. They expect offers, rewards, online ordering and reservations to be at their fingertips.

Many businesses are squandering this opportunity. Others are damaging their brand by using it incorrectly.

We’ll dial in the proper mobile experience for your guests with a custom mobile app and/or text message marketing.

Mobile Marketing

SMART Surveys

Our automated SMART survey engine gathers the info you need to make the best decisions. Better yet, it identifies your happiest customers and encourages them to post reviews and share with friends. Surveys from unhappy customers are sent directly to you so you can take immediate action and turn the customer into a fan.

Smart Surveys


It’s no longer “buyer beware.” It’s now “seller beware.”

Attract new prospects to your business at the very moment they’re ready to spend money. Chatterbox helps you build and maintain a solid online reputation by getting your best customers to talk you up online. This turns your online reputation into a steady revenue driver.


72% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations – (Source: Local Consumer Review Survey, 2012)


Social Lift

Chatterbox gets your customers promoting your business on whatever social networks they’re using at the moment. This extends your social reach and attracts more new customers.

Social Lift

Community Connections

Community groups become a promotional army, inviting friends, family and co-workers to join your rewards program and start spending money at your business. This grows your customer list fast and turns you into a local hero. It’s a win-win.

  1. You build goodwill in your community
  2. You attract new customers with no effort
  3. You boost sales while doing good for your neighbors

We provide group webpage and Facebook sharing links so they can spread the word fast. We track all spending and provide full reporting so you know how much each group has spent at your business.

Community Connections

Customer Saver

Losing customers is a slow business killer. So the instant we notice a customer has missed a regular visit, we reach out with a compelling offer to get that customer back – and start them spending again.

Each year our average merchant sees…

Lost Customers Reactivated
Revenue Recaptured
Customer Saver

How much?

Repeat Returns is a service, not a product. Your feature-set is designed for your business. That means you only pay for what you’re using, and not a single penny more.

Rich & Nancy (above) say we run slightly more than their cellphone bill.

Here are actual client results from a variety of businesses.

Imagine Your Marketing Budget In The 1% Range

Yellow = Program cost. Green = Program sales.

This is private client information, so business names are not disclosed.


Pizza Chain

31 locations

Bagel Chain

20 locations

Family Dining

8 locations

Upscale Pizza

5 locations

Kids Party Venue

1 location


1 location

Family Restaurant

3 locations

Cupcake Bakery

1 location

Sushi Restaurant

3 locations

All of these programs have 2500+ customers enrolled per location.

Is Repeat Returns right for you?

The truth is, it may not be right for you. There are no gimmicks, no free trials, no nonsense. This is serious marketing for serious operators. If that’s you, then we should talk.

There will be no pressure. We’re not selling.

We will learn about your business. Discuss your objectives. Determine if we can help you. Set expectations. And give you a price.

Let's Talk
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