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Restaurant & Pizzeria Owners
Are You Ready to Spend Less to Make More?

Repeat Returns is the only “done-for-you” restaurant marketing platform

developed by a restaurant owner who increased his own sales by $137,000 a month

Laser-precision “done-for-you” marketing drives profits by consistently:

  • Sending higher-profit offers to customers who are happy to pay more
  • Taking the high-cost of attracting new customers – and making it completely free
  • Predicting which customers are ready to jump ship – and reactivating their spending
  • Reducing your marketing budget down to the 1% range

The results of delivering the right message to the right customer on the right day – can be astounding…

Meet Rich & Nancy…

They bought a pizzeria in Schererville, Indiana and needed to boost sales fast. So they signed up for Repeat Returns and started enrolling customers. Today, their marketing budget is the envy of the pizzeria industry.

Our sales are up

over $8,000 a week


We haven’t printed, mailed

or distributed a single flyer

since starting Repeat Returns

Rich & Nancy, Rosati’s Pizza

Take a look at Rich & Nancy’s marketing budget…

  • Repeat Returns

  • Labor

  • Food

  • Net

They’re not spending “more” on marketing. They’re spending less.

And it started by just reallocating a tiny fraction of their budget away from wasteful mass-marketing… and into relationship marketing.

Is Repeat Returns right for you?

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