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Need to grow your restaurant sales in the age of social distancing?
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Attract, grow, and retain more customers in less time
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Perfect for restaurants, pizzerias & retailers.

Looking to build a predictable business
that generates growing income?

Do you need help:

  • Attracting more new customers?
  • Turning more first-timers into steady regulars?
  • Increasing customer frequency?
  • Retaining customers longer?
  • Growing your business faster?

Are you tired of:

  • Wasting money on ineffective marketing?
  • Losing customers to competitors?
  • Juggling multiple marketing tasks?
  • Getting hammered by the big tech-savvy chains?

Repeat Returns creates a max-profit marketing scenario for your business every single day, and deploys the marketing to make it happen.

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“Repeat Returns was a lifesaver. It grew our sales by over $11,000 a week... and put us on the map.”
Rich & Nancy. Rosati's Pizza
Smash Park Owner Smash Park

Smash Park is a 25,000 square-foot, high-volume concept that needed a full-featured loyalty marketing platform that’s franchise-ready to grow with them.

We are a high-volume single unit concept that needed a robust rewards platform which covered a lot of bases. After searching for over 6 months and meeting with multiple companies, we were at a dead end. The only platforms that could meet our needs required 5 or more locations and nobody would budge. When we were introduced to Repeat Returns, we were surprised (and a little skeptical) to find that their features and options were as good or even better than the larger, multi-unit products we were looking at, and with a more attractive price tag.

Repeat Returns has been the most responsive and detail oriented partner we’ve worked with in a long time. They were very patient and walked us through every step of the set up process, gave us valuable insight when developing our rewards program and continued to check in with us after going live to make sure every piece was working as planned. The best part, our guests LOVE the rewards program and talk about it all the time. We enrolled over 2000 members in just 30 days and starting to see real sales increases during the slower day parts we were trying to improve.

Monty Lockyear, President, Smash Park Entertainment

Okeechobee Owner Okeechobee Steakhouse

Okeechobee Steakhouse is a landmark restaurant that was already busy, but wanted to maximize traffic on slower days and off-season.

We’ve always been busy with a wait three nights a week, but since launching Repeat Returns in 2010 we now have a wait list seven nights a week including our off season. This has been a game-changer adding tens of thousands of dollars a week in additional sales.

There’s no way a typical POS loyalty program could do what Repeat Returns has done for us. Don’t even think about it. They are just too limited and frustrating to mess around with.

We’ve built a data base of over 30,000 guest, and the detail in which Repeat Returns evaluates each customer and tailors the marketing to fit them is just crazy.

Over the past decade of using Repeat Returns we have made an additional $20,000,000 (yes, that's an extra twenty-million dollars) in deposited cash sales. As my Management team constantly reminds me.... Repeat Returns has made us into a Restaurant Marketing Machine.

Ralph Lewis, CEO, Okeechobee Steakhouse

Why it works.

Repeat Returns was purpose-built to attract customers, keep them loyal, and increase your profits.


  • Drives more profit because it adapts to each customer.
  • Works seamlessly on your POS or any internet enabled device.
  • Fully automated. You never lift a finger.

Everything you need is in one place, affordably priced, and done-for-you.

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What’s under the hood?

Our marketing engine is fully equipped with everything you need to take you where you’re going.

Analytics drive the decisions. Automation does the work.


Steep discounts drive a single visit and attract bottom-feeders who only buy when you’re losing money. Loyalty changes the game, as customers earn rewards for spending more money with you, and only after they have. This drives continual visits and keeps customers invested in choosing you.

Loyalty Program

Email Promotions

Forget batch-and-blast. Repeat Returns delivers high-impact, mobile-friendly messages to specific customers at specific times designed to drive a steady stream of spend-ready customers through your doors. Fully automated - you never lift a finger.

Email Marketing


Your customers’ channel of choice today is mobile. They expect offers, rewards, online ordering and reservations to be at their fingertips.

We’ll dial in the proper mobile experience for your guests with a custom mobile-friendly web-app and/or text message marketing.

Mobile Marketing

SMART Surveys

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business 24/7. Our automated SMART survey engine identifies your happiest customers and encourages them to post reviews and share with friends. Surveys from unhappy customers go directly to you so you can take immediate action and turn the customer into a fan.

Smart Surveys


Today's consumers instinctively turn to Yelp when they’re ready to try a new business. If your Yelp page isn't properly set up, you are surrendering traffic to your competitors – every single day.

Fact: There are thousands of Yelp searches in your area every month

Fact: 78% of Yelp searches are for restaurants

We know exactly how to turn that search volume into a steady flow of new customers for you.


Social Lift

Repeat Returns gets your customers talking about your business on whatever social networks they’re using at the moment. This extends your social reach and attracts more new customers.

Social Lift

Community Connections

Millennials are passionate about community causes - supporting and promoting businesses that give back. This grows your business and turns you into a local hero as customers promote you to friends, family and co-workers. It’s a win-win.

  1. You build goodwill in your community
  2. You attract new customers with no effort
  3. You boost sales while doing good for your neighbors

We provide full reporting, group webpage and social sharing tools so they can spread the word fast.

Community Connections

Customer Saver

Losing customers is a slow business killer. So the instant we notice a customer has missed a regular visit, we reach out with a compelling offer to get them back – and start them spending again.

Each year our average merchant sees…

Lost Customers Reactivated
Revenue Recaptured
Customer Saver

Is Repeat Returns right for you?

Repeat Returns builds on success and is designed for financially viable, well-run operations that have the capacity to handle more traffic.

Repeat Returns is best suited for:

  1. Franchise Operations
  2. Multi-Unit Chains
  3. Medium/High Volume Independents
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Budgets we work with: We work with growth-minded clients who can invest $200-$700 a month to build their sales.

If you’re in financial desperation, floating payroll on credit cards or just don’t have a good grip on your business right now—you should pass. Repeat Returns is not a silver bullet to save a troubled business.

Please see our free DIY marketing tips.

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