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Clients report everything from modest 10%-15% increases – to “life-changing” rocket-rides. And we also see the occasional flop. But our 90-day, risk-free trial puts the burden entirely on us. Repeat Returns boosts your sales, or you don’t pay.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

Andy and Katy Dell bought Papa Kelsy's Pizza in Mesa, AZ in November 2011. Sales were flat at $260,000 a year and the owner was ready to retire. Today, sales are up by $453,000 a year ($8,711/week). Their Repeat Returns loyalty customers visit 87% more and spend 84% more than non- loyalty customers. Customers love the program. It definitely helps with order frequency. It has also helped us reduce our advertising budget by over $1000 per month and achieve sales growth at the same time.” Andy & Katy Dell, Papa Kelsey’s
See why David Scott Peters, "The Restaurant Expert" urges his members to use Repeat Returns.
We have experienced constant growth since joining Repeat Returns. The team at Repeat Returns are fantastic, their customer service is exceptional, truly head and shoulders above anyone else... they have raised the bar of great customer service to a whole new level!!! Always on the ball... from updated instore promo material, new emails, customer surveys, mobile app updates...nothing's too much trouble! Always prompt and thorough... even contacting me with suggestions! Their IT is great, everything from the easy to use POS widget to our mobile app, for an independent pizzeria this is great and their support is fantastic!!! John Anderson – Log Cabin Pizza - Australia
Since joining Repeat Returns, our customer database has grown to over 2,000 members, sales are up about $6,000 a week on average, and our ticket average is up close to $4.00. The data collected through Repeat Returns is extremely helpful and provides the tools necessary to continue our restaurant's growth, as well as increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Erik Eddings – La Salita
My pizzeria has been using Repeat Returns for years and the ROI has been amazing. We have loyal customers who make the choice to return over and over again for great food and for those points! Their service and support is outstanding. The graphics are top notch and the dashboard is incredibly easy to use. I can't say enough about them! Thank you Repeat Returns! Woodrow Henderson – Ditali's Pizza
“For years, we spent over $7000 in menu mailers, $700 a month in coupon books and the list goes on. Yet our sales remained flat. Ever since we started with Repeat Returns, we have noticed a drastic change in the number of our customers visiting habits. Our weekly sales have gone up right around a thousand dollars a week. Not bad for being in a small town. We also have people arriving, saying they were sent by a friend/family member. Repeat Returns customer service has always been more like talking with friends and they always go above and beyond.” Roland & Ronilee Oates – Acme Pizzeria-Cottonwood, AZ
“During the worst economic times of the last half century I am setting a new sales record almost every week. I am doing in three weeks of sales what used to take a month or more. $20k to 23k was good. Now $27k to $32 is normal. I can pay my bills. I get time off now because I can afford extra staff. My Sunday lunch sales have more than tripled and my food vendors tell me I am blowing away my competition.” Andrew Thompson, Jimmy’s Pizza – Albertville, MN
“Our customer retention is magnetic since starting the program. Customers are so excited about getting their rewards, they’re more concerned about accumulating points than they are about the price of products. It’s great!” Brad Romero – Ben's Bark Bistro – Roseville, CA
“Our growth was starting to stagnate and I was looking to push our marketing to the next level. I had an email newsletter club I was running through Constant Contact, but I knew it wasn’t creating the level of excitement and connection to my business that I needed. We upgraded to Repeat Returns and our sales for the year are 20% ahead of last year, far surpassing my expectations and goal for the year so far.” Chad Partidge, Cappza's Pizza
“I do not have a POS system so it was impossible to track my customers. I had no idea how often they came in or how much they spent. Without a customer database I had no way of marketing to them. I’ve done many other forms of advertising, but none to my customers. It was crucial that I targeted my existing customers, but without the POS it was impossible. Repeat Returns provided the perfect solution to my problem and today my sales are up more than $2,500 a week.” Tony Ramundo, – Ramundo’s Pizzeria
“Thanks so much for helping us put together our BOGO Tuesday promotion. Our first Tuesday took us by surprise. We had an unusually warm 60 degree day which for Michigan was almost summer. We expected to be quite slow based on our notes from other days with nice weather. We were wrong! We wound up 102.37% up, yeah, over last year. On top of that we were able to sign up new members. Can’t wait for next weeks email to go out. Thanks Again.” Tony Griffin, BC Pizza – MI

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